Celebrity Flora Deck 8

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Celebrity Flora Deck 8

Staterooms and Public Areas on this Deck:
Stargazing Platform
The stars in the night sky over the Galapagos Islands are a brilliant sight to see. And, theres no better place to witness these celestial marvels than on the Stargazing platform. You can participate in a guided astronomy tour or enjoy starlit skies on your own.
Galapagos Glamping
Galapagos Glamping is the first sunset-to-sunrise experience of its kind in the Galapagos Islands. Enjoy an exclusive dinner featuring campfire-themed delights and cocktails. Experience a naturalist-guided stargazing session under the constellations of both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Sleep under the stars in a cabana that transforms into a comfortable double bed. Wake up to the sunrise and a private breakfast before you leave for your daily island adventures.

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