Deck 15 - Lawn Club

onboard Celebrity Reflection

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Deck 15 - Lawn Club

Staterooms and Public Areas on this Deck:
X Club
Teenage guests can cut loose and kick back the way they want in this hip VIP area geared specifically for them. From teen-oriented explorations to the dance club and coffee lounge designed with them in mind, X Club is sure to be a hit with all teenage guests.
Camp at Sea
Designed exclusively for junior cruisers, Camp at Sea is a place where magic happens. Children age 3-12 will thrive in this environment, where they can participate in games, sports, treasure hunts, theme parties, movies and much more.
The Porch
Located near The Lawn Club is The Porch, a casual breakfast/lunch dining venue with a Hampton's feel and terrific ocean views.
Art Studio
This venue on the Lawn Club offers guests intimate, hands-on instruction from resident experts in drawing, painting, beading, drink mixology, culinary lessons, taste tests and chef-prepared dinners, through Celebrity's partnership with ArtCenter/South Florida.
The Lawn Club
A freshly manicured lawn on the highest deck of the ship. Enjoy casual outdoor activities in a decidedly Country Club atmosphere, and let the grass between your toes take you places no cruise has gone before.
Sunset Bar
Located at the highest point aft, the Sunset Bar provides breathtaking views of the length of the ship and the entire world around you. With its Country Club inspiration and relaxed atmosphere, you'll experience comfort from a point of view you've never before imagined.
Lawn Club Grill
This interactive outdoor restaurant is a hands-on dining and learning experience where you can grill-it-yourself, or relax and let an expert grille chef create your lunch or dinner.
A cool, cabana-style private retreat on The Lawn Club for two to four guests. By day, filtered sunlight and breathtaking ocean views. By night, ambient lighting for drama and star status. A la carte foods and beverages arrive in picnic baskets. Alcoves are even equipped with Wi-Fi. Rental fee applies.

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