Celebrity Xpedition

Public Spaces

Beagle Grill

Named after the ship that first brought young Mr. Darwin to these rugged shores, the Beagle Grill is where you can enjoy casual fare in an equally casual, relaxed setting. The Beagle Grill offers a delightful view that ensures your meal will not only be delectable, but memorable as well.

Darwins Dining Room
Located on the Marina Deck, Darwin's Restaurant is where you'll discover culinary wonders that are sure to dazzle the palate as well as please the eye. Crisp white linen, fine crystal and exemplary service make dining amongst the islands as special and memorable as the islands themselves.
Discovery Lounge
The perfect place to meet and mingle with your fellow guests, the Discovery Lounge is where you can pose questions and offer opinions. Who knows? You might even come up with a theory or two of your own.
Panorama Deck
A great place to relax and soak-in the majesty of the Galapagos Islands is on the Panorama Deck. Catch spectacular views of the sunrise or sunset, the choice is yours.
Spa/Massage Room
With the spa, a hot tub, sauna and sunning area, you'll find every amenity you need to feel good from your head to your toes on the Sunrise Deck. At night, unwind under a magnificent blanket of stars.