Celebrity Xploration

Public Spaces

Al Fresco Dining
The al fresco dining area is open day and night. It is a great place to recount the day's activities and relax with friends. Guests can enjoy a delicious lunch, and on special occasions, dinner is also served here.
Dining Room
The dining room features two large tables and scenic windows. Guests can enjoy quality meals combined with attentive service and outstanding views. The cuisine is a blend of international and local flavors, freshly prepared and served buffet-style.
The lounge provides a relaxed atmosphere for reading, socializing or watching documentaries and movies. The comfortable seating is ideal for the briefings and lectures given by the Naturalist Guide. 
Sun Deck
One of the most popular areas on board is the Sun Deck, ideal for stargazing, whale watching, soaking in the hot tub, or relaxing in the comfortable sun loungers.